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FIG Climate Compass Graphic Recording by Dayna Hayman 2024.jpg


Volunteer Role / F.I.G Climate Global Taskforce
Role / Artwork Artists / 2024

Global Climate Communinty 

FIG Climate Taskforce is part of a coordinated, international effort to bring together surveyors and geospatial experts to share knowledge on climate adaptation and creating sustainable futures. Over three seminars (across a global timetable) featuring eight keynote speakers, these graphic recording artworks reflect global case studies and facilitated discussion. Five thematic captures were written up (translated into Spanish, French and Swahili), and synthesised from these rich artworks to help broaden the communication back into the global community. These artworks will be used along the length of the project to help remember the great input from around the world.

FIG Climate Compass Global Seminars Graphic Recording Summary 2024 By Dayna Hayman (A2 Vis

Download the FIG Climate Compass Global Seminars Graphic Recording and Thematic Summary Below

Recommend to print at A3 or up to A1.

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