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Native spices popcorn flv1
Product Design

Partnering with First Nation Businesses for rapid market
product delivery

Client / Miimi & Gambang

Role / Lead Designer

Year / 2023

UCToC Master 1.4.png

Uncle Charlie's Tastes of Country (100% Wiriradji / Aboriginal Owned) is an established start-up that is growing rapidly into a native spice blends company. Uncle Charlie's needed to rapidly develop a large set of popcorn snack bags for local and USA markets (and grow its product list). The goal; to mature the visual expression of the brand to embrace the future vision. 

The invitation allowed DHD to listen to Uncle Charlie’s goals and with respect, design in relation to their culture, applying the illustration to the shelf-ready product designs. In the background, as the design team navigated the design process, Dayna Hayman Design began researching and capturing strategic intent to coordinate and offer strategic design advice. This would help capture and articulate Uncle Charlie’s Tastes of Country journey and future visions for future growth opportunities (pitches, social media, engaging new staff) to help ease communication and mental load. 


In addition to the visual design, DHD developed and aligned to production requirements, AKA working with packaging printers and machine production specifications to ensure the dielines and artworks were effectively produced.

Uncle Charlie's Tastes of Country was invited to market native spiced popcorn at the Australian Open (2024). Dayna Hayman Design led the bespoke product development of a considered popcorn box (that was designed to limit line waiting, efficient serving across 10 flavors, and self-flavoring experience). Dayna also coordinated the design of the internal venue location including operational and branding wrap designs. 

Keep an eye out for this AO for a uniquely First Nations driven experience!

Building upon the initial design brand work developed by Orthography Design and a full briefing discussion the team to understand the challenge and set project scope. Through a rapid design process that paired visual design and strategic design questions DHDesign applied a complex visualisation design process to the project. This method allowed to design a strong information system to apply to Uncle Charlie's growing brand that allowed for key message and identity expression across products.  

Keep an eye out on Uncle Charlie's website for new native flavoured products!
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